HTML 4 and CSS Coding for Web Design

Courses are at introductory and intermediate levels.

Introductory courses include:

  • Getting started (syntax, editors etc.)
  • Developing a web site
  • HTML documents
  • Text and graphics
  • Links (anchors, image maps etc.)
  • Tables

Intermediate courses include:

  • Forms and frames
  • Multimedia
  • Interactivity (Java applets, client side scripts etc.)
  • Documentation and testing
  • Website management
  • Extending HTML (dynamically generated pages, internet resources)
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
Useful tip

A common mistake web designers or content managers make is to use the same title content for every page of their site.

Another common error is the incorrect placement of title text that has no relevance to a browser's search terms; the company name (unless very well known) is often the culprit.