Orientation Testing

RMC has several tests available to help determine the orientation, natural tendencies, or inherent abilities of individuals to perform and succeed at specific tasks and disciplines. For example, we can measure an individual's orientation towards sales and customer services as well as their natural enterprising, innovative and entrepreneurial flair.

We can tailor the tests to suit the client's specific requirements. These are simple assessments based on the individual's previous experiences, self-evaluation and natural orientation. They will provide a good indication of their natural tendencies, key motivators and personality types, etc. They are predominantly based on a comprehensive range of multiple-choice questions and are quick and easy to complete. Due to the personal nature of the tests, they do not need to be supervised and can be carried out independently by each person, in their own time.

After the tests are completed, RMC provides a detailed report including an analysis of the test results and training recommendations, going forward, for each individual.

RMC is also able to provide a range of training options, at a significantly reduced rate per person, if required.