Human Resources

RMC can help your organisation manage its most important resource - its people!

HR services include:

Useful tip

Hiring managers need to ensure that their recruitment procedures are up to scratch, and should screen all their shortlisted applicants for actual skills and personality. They should also ensure that 3 key criteria are always met:

  1. Can they do the job?
  2. Do they really want to do the job?
  3. Will they fit in?

Free HR management tool

Assess your organisation's HR health by downloading this useful self-audit form (PDF 442Kb) to help your organisation review its policies, procedures and practices in relation to its employment and management of staff.

It is very important to periodically carry out an audit of your human resource functions to ensure not only legal compliance, but also to ensure best-practice systems are in place in respect to the employment of your staff and their development.

Make use of this form for your own purposes or send it back to us for a brief report and recommendations regarding your current systems.