Coaching and Mentoring

RMC has a number of skilled, experienced professionals who can coach you in a wide range of fields:

Coaching session

Senior Management Coach

A seasoned professional who has held, and holds senior developmental and strategic roles. Coaching areas are:

Coach: Jeanette Richardson

Iwi Liaison Coach

An experienced and talented professional of Maori descent who has held and holds significant roles, with major components related to Iwi liaison. Our coach is well known in management and Iwi circles. Coaching areas are:

Coach: Gaylene Harris

Generation Y Coach

A successful young professional able to help other young people in the work-place. There are special demands on our young people who are finding their feet in a career driven world. Our coach is well up the career ladder at a tender age and is also a top sportsman. Coaching areas are:

Coach: Blake Richardson

Employee Relations Coach

A tried and true professional, our coach has been successfully involved in a whole range of employee relation situations from minor disputes through to major negotiations. Coaching areas are:

Coach: Jeanette Richardson

Events Management, Sponsorship and Fundraising Coach

A results-oriented and talented professional who has been very successful in assisting clients with events management, sponsorship and fund-raising. Coaching areas are:

Coach: Caitlin Radmore